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Born Tough & Crafted Strength Collab

May I have your attention please... may I HAVE your attention please!?

We're excited to announce that Crafted Strength (CS) will be posting an upcoming product review for Elite Sports and Born Tough, who for the last 10 years have served the sports and fitness communities through providing products ranging from athletic wear to combat sports apparel. Please check the company out in the links below! And no, there are no affiliate links and CS does not get any payment or royalties in return for your clicks (at least not yet anyway -_^). This post is not sponsored by Born Tough or Elite Sports in any way shape or form.

If you've been following Crafted Strength for any amount of time, you know that we LOVE all things strength, everything from training, to gym equipment, and obviously apparel. Since combat sports are not really in the CS wheelhouse, the upcoming review will be specifically focused on Born Tough fitness apparel.

For myself personally as a strength enthusiast, clothing function has always been my primary concern followed by form. I'm excited to see if Born Tough has been able to strike the right balance between form and function with their modern sportswear. I can't promise when I'll post it since I'm in the final weeks of competition prep with other projects in the works, but it will be some time after I don't feel like I was hit by a truck. I'll also need some time to take the clothing through a few training sessions to provide a complete and thorough product review, so stay tuned!

Stay Strong,


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