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...To help you become the strongest version of yourself, so together we can craft a stronger world...

I may not be able to end hunger, stop climate change, or bring about world peace, but...  If we can find your inner strength, improve your quality of life through mastery of movement, and have you do the same for others, I think the world would be a better place.


Hi, I'm Bryan!


You could say at the moment I'm a competitive, non-competitive powerlifter.  That is, I compete for fun, to beat the previous version of myself, and to get personal records on the books.  There's plenty of people out there stronger than me, and there will always be someone stronger than you, but that shouldn't stop YOU from becoming the strongest version of YOURSELF.

Like many people, I started my strength journey using templates available on the internet.  Eventually, the templates stopped working and I needed to find a way to get through my plateaus.  After increasing my knowledge of programming through reading, and more importantly application in my own training, I finally reached my personal goals before deciding to compete.

I entered my first powerlifting competition in 2019 and was preparing for another meet in April 2020 when you know what happened.  The world shut down, gyms closed, and we all had to figure out how to live in a new world.  I eventually scrounged up a home gym, and even later started training in public again.  I just crushed my previous meet PR's in August 2022 and hit meet and all-time deadlift PR's in March 2023.  As of January 7, 2023, I am a certified USA Powerlifting Club Coach.

Outside of powerlifting I am an avid barbell and strength training enthusiast.  I don't believe any one form of training or strength discipline is superior to another, and I think we should all expose ourselves to different forms of training based on where we are in life.

When I'm not being an Engineer or training, I enjoy hanging with my wife and fur baby, helping lifters, browsing for home gym equipment I don't need, or sipping on bourbon.

USAPL Club Coach Cert.JPG


- USA Powerlifting Club Coach

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