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...I believe in exposing athletes (yes, you are an athlete) to a wide variety of movements...

Strength is a skill and it is specific. I believe in using appropriate movements to help you achieve your specific goals. If your goal is to increase general strength and conditioning, we will use a wide variety of movements in your training. If your goal is more specific, like increasing Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift one-rep maxes for powerlifting, we will use more focused movements and variations catered to your needs. If you just want to get better at doing pull-ups, then we can create a program just for that! If your goals change over time, then we will adjust your training accordingly.

I believe in exposing athletes (yes, you are an athlete) to a wide variety of movements. The amount of variation will depend on YOUR goals and how far away you are from a competition if applicable. My reasons for incorporating variation are:

1) To prevent overuse injuries.

2) To build a broad base of strength and skill so your body understands how to move under different conditions.

3) To help you discover if you excel at a different movement due to your anthropometry or particular capabilities at that moment.

4) To maximize your long term development.

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